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As an angel investor, my mission is to support seed and pre-seed visionary founders who are committed to creating positive, lasting change in the world. My focus is on investments that while being good businesses have societal benefits and have a clear, meaningful mission. I believe that products can be a powerful force for good and that profitability and positive impact are not mutually exclusive.


My investments are directed toward products that have a tangible, positive impact on society.

A few examples of my interests:


Fair, Ethical and Safe AI


Healthcare and Drug Development


Climate Technology


Education and Skill Development


Safety, Fraud, Identity

Don't match any of the above, but think your product will change the world for the better?

I'd still love to hear from you.


The companies I invest in must have a clear and compelling mission that aligns with these principles:

Mission-Driven Leadership: Founders who are passionate about their mission and demonstrate a deep commitment to making a positive impact.

Long-Term Vision: Companies with a long-term vision for sustainable growth and impact, rather than short-term gains.

Scalability: Solutions that have the potential to x100 not only in value but also societal impact.



I was fortunate to have been an early employee of Onfido. Through my six year tenure, I accumulated significant equity, that proved fruitful when Onfido exited for £650m in April 2024. This was biggest VC exit in the UK in the past two years and the largest UK fintech acquisition since Dec 2021.


I use the proceeds of the sale to reinvest into the ecosystem that has nurtured my career.


I invest through Ventures Together, an angel syndicate of the best operators in Europe. While my personal ticket size is modest, you can expect to raise £20k to £100k through Ventures Together as multiple angels chip in. We keep cap tables clean by being a single entity. 


I started angel investing in May 2024. As part of Ventures Together I review two deals a week.

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As a product leader and member of an angel community, I offer more than just capital. I provide:

Product Expertise: Drawing on my product leadership experience, coaching practice and network, I offer strategic advice, and connections to help founders navigate challenges and scale their businesses.

Additional Exceptional Angels: I invest through Ventures Together, a curated angel community of the best operators in Europe, responsible for building some of the biggest startups like Wise, Klarna, Beamery, Onfido, Citymapper, Huma, Monzo and Deliveroo. By working with me founders get multiple helpful high calibre angels in one go, with a tidy single entity on their cap table. 

Aligned Values: Founders can trust that our partnership is based on shared values and a mutual commitment to ethics and positive societal impact.

Long-Term Partnership: As an operator I know the blood sweat and tears that goes into building a company. I am committed to supporting founders through the ups and downs of their journey.

If you are a founder with a mission-driven company that aligns with these principles, I would be excited to explore the possibility of supporting your vision. Together, we can build businesses that not only succeed financially but also contribute to a more equitable, sustainable, and just world. Please reach out to discuss how we can make a meaningful impact together.

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