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Things I've written about templates and approaches I find useful


Minimum Viable Product Manager

I've written about effective ways to onboard and develop first time product managers.

Making the case for a vertically integrated Minimum Viable Product Manager.

Presented at MTPcon Digital 2020 [slides].


Customer Research in B2B

Get focused research time with customers in a B2B company, by leveraging your relationships with account management and planning an interview script.
Presented at ProductCamp London.


Bridging the Gap between Research and Development

Much has been written about getting high performing teams and iterative execution. 
I wrote something about optimising teams featuring machine learning researchers.


State of Product Meeting

A platform to ask what you need from your Executive team. Elevate your thinking from firefighting to strategic. 
A comprehensive format to take the Executive team on a journey with you and buy into your strategy.

Presented at ProductCamp and ProductTank London [slides].
Blog post is on Mind the Product blog.


Positioning Document

Empower Marketing to be able to correctly position, create content and reach out to the right users.
This template is originally from Pragmatic Marketing training which I recommend.
Blog post is on Mind the Product blog.


Line of Business Meeting

Surface commercial blockers and product updates with a cross functional team meeting. Introduced at Onfido by Kevin Trilli, our CPO.
Blog post is on Mind the Product blog. Scroll half way through, as first section is about the Positioning Document.


Questions to get metrics

As a hiring manager I've noticed that the single thing most product people struggle with in interviews is metrics. Most PMs struggle to beyond generic metrics like retention. Here are a few questions I use to coach PMs on choosing the right metrics to measure success.


Wearing too many hats

As the org grows and matures it's important to scale yourself with it. Making the white space visible and dropping some of your previous hats is critical to help your product succeed (and your career bloom).


Delegation Poker and Leadership Styles

For a long time I thought there was a right way and an wrong way to manage people.
The way I liked to be managed was clearly the right way. It took me a long time to realise two key lessons.


Navigating the Twilight Zone

How to navigate the weird space between Founder/CEO lead product and having the first product leader.

Includes frameworks and techniques for individual contributors but also people who have been promoted to be the first product leader.
Presented at ProductTank Brighton.

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